Spring has sprung!

Now that the accumulated snow and ice has melted from most of our roofs here in Montana its time to inspect the rain gutter and prepare for the spring rains.

First on our maintenance list is to clean the gutters of any leaves or pine needles. Next be sure the downspouts are also clear, you can run a garden hose in the gutter and watch the flow. If restricted you'll need to disassemble the downspout and remove the obstruction.

Now that the gutter is clean and draining through the downspouts we need to tighten any loose screws that hold the gutter to the house, its not uncommon to see that screws have loosened due to wind vibrations. Be sure that the back of the gutter is tight to the facia its mounted on and behind the drip edge wherever possible.

Un-plug or turn off any heat tape de icing systems, place your rain barrels, and place any splash pads or downspout extensions on the bottom of the downspouts where needed to flow the water away from the foundation of your house.

Downspout extension with a hinge

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