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Rain gutter leaks at wall, how to repair

Updated: Jan 25, 2022

Dovetail Rain gutter located in Bozeman; MT often meets with homeowners that have noticed that the siding where the lower roof and rain gutter joins a side wall (as where a one-story garage connects to a two-story house.) has water damage. This damage is often incorrectly attributed to the rain gutter. What's really happening here is that water is getting behind the siding where the siding is cut out around the drip edge and also between the gutter end cap and siding. The absence or poor installation of a "kick out" or flashing diverter is the culprit. Occasionally we've seen improperly installed step flashing above this area also cause this problem which is difficult to predict when inspecting. The solution is to install a kick-out flashing, a piece of aluminum or copper that directs the water away from the wall before it reaches the last piece of step flashing so that the water flows into the gutter instead of behind the siding.

If you haven't already viewed our page that discusses this repair, click the link below.

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