Rain Gutters in Montana Ice dams & snow

Updated: Nov 24

Winter has dealt its heavy hand on the roofs and rain gutters of many homes. Many people are experiencing leaks into their homes due to the accumulation of ice and snow at the edge of the roof. Dovetail raingutter recommends that you consider the following remedies. Removal of all the accumulated snow on the roof will allow the ice to melt and eliminate ice dams. After the ice is melted installation of a rain gutter deicing cable will prevent the accumulation of ice. The heat cable must run through the rain gutter and downspout allowing the heated water to discharge on the ground (preferably away from sidewalks). If the roof had ice dams that caused water damage inside the attic or home, then you should also serpentine the heat cable on the edge of the

To determine how far up from the edge of the roof you should install the cable, imagine a line drawn straight up from the outside wall and through the roof. Be sure the cable extends past this imaginary line. There are two styles of heat cable that you can use in your rain gutter. Scott Wuebber, owner of Dovetail Raingutter in Bozeman, MT. prefers the self-regulating cable. It is more expensive, but draws more or less power depending on the ambient temperature around the cable. Also, this cable can overlap on its self without overheating. Heat cable can be installed on a thermostat that will turn on the cable only between 20 - 40 degrees. Additionally, a sensor can be placed into the gutter, if there is no moisture present the heat cable won’t turn on.

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