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Updated: Jan 18

It's winter here again in Montana and the snow continues to accumulate. Which is great for skiing not so great for our homes though!

Most homeowners aren't familiar with "raking the roof". With a little bit of time spent after each new snow fall you can help prevent ice dams from occurring.

Removing the insulating layer of snow from the first 4 feet of the roof and in the valleys can go a long way in preventing a leaky roof.

Pictured here is a roof rake, it has a collapsible handle that extends similar to a painter's roller handle. The rake can be extended a long way allowing you to stand on the ground and reach most one- story and some two-story roof edges. Snow rakes are available for purchase at most hardware stores here in Bozeman, MT. average cost is $60.00 they become scarce when demand is high, consider purchasing one before you need it.

The process is straight forward, lift the rake onto the lowest part of the roof and pull the snow down & over the rain gutter. Pulling down will prevent the rake from "catching" an edge of the roof shingle causing damage. Continue to work your way up, giving extra attention to the valleys* on the north side of the house (* Valleys are where two roof lines meet and form an inverted V).

Before beginning take a look at the locations of overhead power lines. Caution must be used to avoid touching the rake on any power lines that are in the area your e working.

Climbing on the roof is discouraged, but if you decide to climb up take a few precautions. Secure your ladder to prevent it from being knocked away from sliding snow, anchor yourself with a fall protection harness and be sure to avoid walking on any skylights that may be covered by the snow!

Use extra caution on metal roofs! Snow can suddenly release all at once, creating an avalanche, knocking you from the roof or ladder!

IF, Ice dams have already formed call Dovetail, we have the equipment & experience to properly and safely remove ice dams.

Or Call 406-585-2979 located in Bozeman / Belgrade Montana


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