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Round Downspouts or Rectangular?

Updated: Sep 20, 2022

Round down spouts are typical for half round gutters but, what about K or Ogee style gutter?

K-style gutter usually will have 2 X 3 rectangular downspouts, they're the default standard. 3" round downspouts will also fit on a five-inch seamless rain gutter! Upgrading to a round downspout adds a unique, attractive look to your rain gutter system!

A benefit of 3"round downspouts is that its volume is greater than the 2 X 3 downspout. A round downspout can handle more flow, they transition well into round PVC underground drainpipes, and round downspouts have less spots where debris can get caught.

Round downspouts will cost more than a rectangular downspout, in part because the installation is more labor intensive and the parts cost more to produce.

Available in copper, pre-finished aluminum colors, galvanized and zinc. Round downspouts are available in 3 inch and 4-inch diameters. but most commonly used and available are 3 inches.

Give Dovetail a call to discuss changing your rectangular downspouts to round.

CALL 406-585-2979

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