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Downspout Hinge for 2"X3" downspout

Downspout Hinge for 2"X3" downspout

This a sturdy hinge that attaches to the downspout extension at the bottom elbow of a downspout. Available for 2 X 3 and 3 X 4 Downspouts. Each hinge comes with a velcro metal plate to attach to the extension to hold it up.

Specify "A elbow or B elbow" An A elbow sticks straight out, the B elbow turns left or right. All hinges are not painted & must be painted to match.

  • Which elbow downspout hinge do you need?

    If you are standing in front of your 2" X 3" downspout, and the 3 inch width is against the wall. Which way is the extension pointing? The "A Style" downspout elbow comes straight at you. The "B Style" downspout elbow makes a turn to the right or left. 

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