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Updated: Dec 17, 2021

Snow guard or snow stops are installed on a building's roof to prevent snow from sliding off the roof. We have seen instances where the snow has slid off the roof with such velocity that it pulled the gutter off and then crashed on parked cars below! 

The need to constantly shovel snow as it falls off the roof onto sidewalks & driveways can be eliminated by installing snow guards.

Metal and steep pitched roofs are the most likely to require snow stops. DOVETAIL RAIN GUTTER located in Bozeman, MT. says, “we advise all of our clients who have metal roofs to install snow stops on their roof to protect the rain gutter, we do not warranty damage to rain gutter that occurs from sliding snow.

There are many types of snow guards, depending on the type of roof.

The snow guard that you use has to fit that particular type of roof.

Metal roofs are typically either a standing seam or Delta rib panel, each type has its own style of snow stop. Standing seam roofs can have brackets that clamp to the seam and don’t require any screws to penetrate the panel. Other styles of metal roofs will require an adhesive or screwed snow stop.

Don’t skimp when installing your snow stops! If you only install a minimum along the bottom edge of the roof the snow can slide from the top of the roof with such force that the snow stops are ripped off the roof! Depending on the run (length of the roof) you may need two or more rows.

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